Why is Camp Chef a better pellet grill than Rec Tec

Choosing grills is always a grueling task. It becomes a thousand times more cumbersome when the two best manufacturers clash head-on to prove their products better. This is one such battle that could keep any avid foodie engrossed. The tussle involves many technical aspects of grilling and has some intricate nuances. Without keeping you waiting any further, let us try to see why Camp Chef trumps Rec Tec when it comes to pellet grills.

About Rec Tec

A pellet grill from Rec Tec burns quite a hole in your pocket. You got to be spending more than 1000 dollars on a decent product. However, this pellet grill is cheaper than many others on the market. This grill is mostly considered a value for money product. The grill has a unique algorithm for controlling temperature. Most of its vital parts are carved out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is not considered to be an attractive company for grilling food. It is stickier than a cast iron grill.

Further, a Rec Tec comes with a tag of ‘Made in China’ which makes it a non-American product. Although the processing unit is manufactured in the States, the other parts are not as much trustworthy.

The temperature range of this pellet grill is from 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cons of this grill become more vivid when customer complaints regarding a difficult task of assembling it comes through. Moreover, the grill grates are known to fit rather clumsily, which is an annoying aspect.


About Camp Chef

Now that we know some things about the pellet grill that comes from Rec Tec, we may also look at the pellet grill that Camp Chef has to offer. We would now try to figure out why a Camp Chef pellet grill outperforms a Rec Tec pellet grill in many features and aspects. Without much further rhetoric, let us take a look at what facts have to say.

One of the most important facts about the Camp Chef pellet grill is its automated assembly. You may just load the food items onto the grill, attain the required temperature, sit back and relax while rest of the things are properly taken care of.

The Camp Chef pellet grill comes pre-installed with an automatic pellet dispenser. Also, you do not need to bother about running low on fuel as the grill is quite capacious. It is pretty much like having an apprentice perform the required tasks for you. The precise instruments on this grill ensure that a pellet is thrown into the fire every time the temperature trips below the optimum cooking temperature.

Consequently, these aspects make Camp Chef stand apart and easily outperform Rec Tec or any other grill on the market. It should be mentioned that Camp Chef has only attempted the pellet powered unit only once.


Considering the aforementioned facts and the ease of cooking, we obtain through correlation that Camp Chef is better than Rec Tec, indeed. We recommend that you choose it over any other grill to make your task of grilling easier.

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