Mirabelle Restaurant opened November 18th, 1998 in a golden hue, Mediterranean styled dining room by longtime Austin restaurateurs, Michael Vilim (The Café at the Four Seasons, Brio*6th Street) and Cathe Dailey (Castle Hill Café). The French word for “golden plum”, Mirabelle is a comfortable, fine dining spot with the understated Austin feel of a neighborhood restaurant that also happens to be seriously obsessed with great food and wine.

Although pursuing flavors from many cuisines, Mirabelle has a Provençal culinary instinct, offering full flavored food that is intensified at every opportunity in its preparation. Spice rubs, brining, smoking, marinating, slow roasting, confits, housemade stocks and reduction sauces made from scratch are just some of the kitchen’s daily techniques.

Each dish is conceived in its entirety with sides, sauces, and relishes, and executed by a kitchen that loves food. Not simply innovative for novelty’s sake, Mirabelle is driven by a vision of dynamic flavors with the balance and harmony of an evolved palate searching for the best and different ways food can be combined.